Plant Lists


Cosmic Soup Plant List 2011 Near Ukiah, CA - Marc Williams and Friends

This is a list of the plants observed at the Cosmic Soup 2011 near Ukiah, CA. Thanks to several botanically oriented soupsters for help in identification! SoupPlantList2011.pdf

2014 National Rainbow Gathering Genus Level Plant Checklist - Marc Williams and USDA

This is a genus level list of plants known to occur around the area of the 2014 National Rainbow Gathering in the Uinta/Wasatch National Forest in Utah.


Useful Exotic Invasive Plants of Appalachia - Marc Williams, Ethnobotanist

This plant list shows most of the exotic invasive species of the Appalachian region and  a host of uses for them gleaned from various sources.


Common and Useful Plants at WWC - Marc Williams

This list features common useful plants from around Warren Wilson College outside Asheville, NC