Plant Families

Monographic descriptions of plant families are available at this part of the website. Each monograph follows a typical pattern. First any new taxonomy regarding scientific names is clarified. Then information about uses including food, medicine, toxicity, insects, wildlife, invasiveness, natural dyes, others crafts and other aesthetics. It is humbling how much information could be accrued within these categories alone. Propagation tips, pests and diseases are other categories that would be great to add eventually. However i am currently busy working on moving information here for around 50 of the top world families in the previous categories alone.


Your comments are encouraged to help the cause. i have invested tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in my education to get to this place so far. If you find this information interesting and useful i would greatly appreciate any donation of money, or other form that works for thee to keep this crucial work flowing...


Giving thanks for you and plant knowing....






Use of Information


marc williams has carefully selected and enjoyed edible plants wild and cultivated for many years. Foragers often need numerous, quality references and personal knowledge gained from studying these materials through classroom and "hands on" training in order to harvest safely. Please seek professional advice before using any plants if you are at all unsure of their wholesomeness. Alternatively, when in doubt leave it out.

marc williams or anyone associated with the development or distribution of material at assume no liability for any actions taken in viewing, reading, or using any information provided herein. Please use caution, discretion and respect when collecting, preparing, and utilizing any plants.


Information Accuracy

marc williams as the main developer of the website makes every effort to provide and maintain accurate, complete, useable, and timely information. However, the data and information herein are provided with the understanding that they are not guaranteed to be correct or complete. Conclusions drawn from or actions undertaken on the basis of, such data and information are the sole responsibility of the user.