Primary Instructors  Marc Williams in the University of Wisconsin, Madison Arboretum

Marc Williams

Marc Williams is an ethnobiologist. He has studied the people, plant, mushroom, microbe connection intensively while learning to employ botanicals and other life forms for food, medicine, and beauty. His training includes a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies concentrating in Sustainable Agriculture with a minor in Business from Warren Wilson College and a Master’s degree in Appalachian Studies concentrating in Sustainable Development with a minor in Geography and Planning from Appalachian State University. Marc has spent over two decades working at a multitude of restaurants and various farms. He has also travelled throughout 30 countries in Central/North/South America and Europe and all 50 of the United States. Marc has visited over 200 botanical gardens and research institutions during this process while taking tens of thousands of pictures of representative plants and other living entities. He is also the primary facilitator of the website and on the Board of Directors of the United Plant Savers. Marc has taught hundreds of classes to thousands of people about the marvelous world of humans and their interface with other organisms while working with over 70 organizations in the last few years and online at the website here.  His greatest hope is that this effort may help improve our current challenging global ecological situation.

You can view Marc's resume by clicking on the link here.


Frank CookFrank Cook Hotsprings

Frank Cook taught an online class using the book Botany in a Day for 9 years. Frank left his physical body on August 19th 2009. This website was fueled by an inspiration to continue his work educating the public about botany. Frank taught thousands of people to appreciate plants  and each other in the time that he graced us with his presence on the planet. It is still hard to characterize in words what this great man means to the world and the discipline of Ethnobotany.

More information on Frank can be found at: and

Facebook at the Frank Cook page and Plants and Healers International page

Other Callaborators via Facebook

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Susan Marynowski  (Florida)- Botanical commentary and medicinal information Pandion systems

Juliet Blankespoor (Asheville, NC) - Blog poster of exceptionally gifted aesthetic and medicinal plant knowledge ability. She is also director of an school of botanical medicine in Asheville.

7 Song (Ithaca, NY) - Teacher of Frank Cook, Juliet Blankespoor, Corey Pine Shane, Marc Williams and many others. He posts amazingly informative and beautiful articles on plants through facebook and other web outlets while also running the Northeast school of Botanical Medicine

Upcoming and Future Contributors

The hope is that over time friends of Frank Cook will step up from far and wide including Florida, Peru, Costa Rica, California, Dominica, England, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Oregon, Maryland, North Carolina etc...Any other people that are so inclined would be most welcome as well.