Welcome plant enthusiasts!Wild Greens Salad photo by Ethnobotanist Marc Williams


The main purpose of the website Botany Every Day is to carry on several threads of ethnobotanist Frank Cook's work www.plantsandhealers.org. Part of this work entails evolving a multi-spectrum understanding of the plant human interface from varied perspectives. The hope is that over time Frank’s vast community of people from different parts of the globe and other interested plant lovers will contribute knowledge here for a holistic conception of the plant/human connection.

For now marc williams is the main point person in building this site with the help of web designer Aaron Kaczmarek. However, people from places as varied as Costa Rica, Peru, Dominica, California, Florida, and New York have expressed interest in co-creating this web resource.

It is important to note that financial resources from many friends of  Frank Cook and students from the class held on the site here have made this website possible. Your continued support is encouraged and needed to carry out this important work.


The purpose of the website is carried out in several ways:

An online class facilitation of the book Botany in a Day 6th ed. By Thomas Elpel occurs from roughly March until December every year under the Online Class tab of the site.

A Facebook group under the name Botany Everyday corresponds to the course held here. Much original material is presented through the Facebook component and over 19,000 people from around the world have joined so far! https://www.facebook.com/groups/botanyeveryday

A continually updated list of resources for further exploration of Ethnobiology including books, websites, videos and handouts.

An events calendar is also regularly updated. This calendar features classes offered by marc williams specifically.

A picture/information catalog of plant families with related ethnobotanical information is under construction and will ultimately be the most key unique contribution of the site.

The concepts of Aromatic Plants, Biodynamics, Bio-Intensive Gardening, Craft Plants, Ethnobotany, Exotic Invasive Plants, Food for Wildlife, Forest Bathing, Nature Deficit Disorder, Permaculture, Phytoremediation, Poisonous Plants, Plant Taxonomy, Transition Culture, Wild Edible Plants, and various others are integrated as time allows.

Thanks so much for your interest and support!



Use of Information

marc williams has carefully selected and enjoyed edible plants wild and cultivated for many years. Foragers often need numerous, quality references and personal knowledge gained from studying these materials through classroom and "hands on" training in order to harvest safely. Please seek professional advice before using any plants if you are at all unsure of their wholesomeness. Alternatively, when in doubt leave it out. marc williams or anyone associated with the development or distribution of material at www.botanyeveryday.com assume no liability for any actions taken in viewing, reading, or using any information provided herein. Please use caution, discretion and respect when collecting, preparing, and utilizing any plants.

Information Accuracy

marc williams as the main developer of the website www.botanyeveryday.com makes every effort to provide and maintain accurate, complete, and timely information. However, the data and information herein are provided with the understanding that they are not guaranteed to be correct or complete. Conclusions drawn from or actions undertaken on the basis of, such data and information are the sole responsibility of the user. Please direct any questions to marc@botanyeveryday.com

You can begin the journey now by going to the Online Class section of our website. You may also refer to our Resources page for more info on useful books and websites.